The shed

Dawn of the shed.

Dawn of the shed.

Just prior to week 2, Roy Jr. and Rebecca (aka Roy’s parents) came up from Mobile for a weekend visit. After a brunch of shrimp and grits (and Bloody Marys!) at the Village Tavern, we took them over to 1133 to view the progress.

Making our way through an unexpected torrential downpour, we pulled into the driveway… and that’s when it happened. Pops saw the shed… and he was smitten. He wanted to see more! But, this beckoning white box—a siren, clad in weathered vinyl siding, barn door agape (because it was broken)—sat cruely out of reach across our rain-soaked and muddied lot.

Perhaps this was for the best, as this chance encounter between man and shed would never be given the chance to blossom into something more meaningful and permanent.

“We’re tearing the shed down next week,” we told him, clueless to the extent of how callous our casually-stated intentions must’ve sounded to his besotted ears.

“Why would you do that?!?!” he asked.

We told him that we didn’t need the shed, that it was in the way.

“What do you mean? Everyone needs a shed.”

We then went into explaining how we didn’t need a shed. That we’d have plenty of outdoor storage in the crawlspace of the house. Besides, we’d planned on demolishing the shed from the get-go, and had been talking with Will and Matthew for months about possibly repurposing the wood for the surface of the central volume/form inside the house.

But he wasn’t buying it.

“You’ll be sorry,” he said.
“No we won’t,” we replied.

He continued this taunt, even going into detail about how, after we’d done this unthinkable deed, he’d erect a sign among the remains saying as much. “You’ll be sorry.” “You’ll be sorry.”

“No we won’t!”

As we left 1133, we were resolved more than ever to go ahead with our shed shedding plans. But now, there was also a small, nagging part of us that wondered if perhaps, one day, we would be sorry.


Afterword: Later that week, after we’d demolished the shed, Liane emailed her dad, Len, with a few photos of the site. His response: “Glad to see a real start on your house. Bet you are also. What happened to your shed?”

[Ed. Note: Roy Sr. would like the record to show that “My ears were not besotted, as is stated in your recounting of the shed. If you will recall, I had coffee. Others had the Bloody Mary stuff. Everybody needs a garage or a shed. Love, Pop”]


2 Responses to “The shed”

  1. 1 Ali Lathem July 30, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    What a great story. I have really enjoyed this blog. I think I could have found many uses for that shed.

  2. 2 Uncle Billy & Aunt Debbie August 10, 2008 at 7:23 pm

    SHED? SHED? You don’t need no stinkin’ SHED!

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