Week 4: intermission

We’re waiting. All of us. Liane. Myself. Will. Matt. The framers.


Mr. Petty and his Heartbreakers sang it best: “it’s the hardest part.” And as darn near perfect as that song is, it just don’t come close to conveying our collective feelings about (yet another) delay in the process… brought to us by the folks at New South Federal Savings Bank.




Sure, not nearly as hummable… or optimistic. But, alas, our own song has turned from one of hopeful anticipation to sheer friggin’ annoyance. Nope. Not nearly as hummable.

OK, so we’re all a bit impatient (and I’m being a bit melodramatic). New South have insisted that the order for inspection was submitted last Thursday as promised. This should’ve meant an inspection of the foundation the very next day, or Monday at the latest… which would’ve meant that we’d have the next draw on our loan in hand by end-of-day Monday the 4th… which would’ve allowed framing to start, as scheduled, on Tuesday the 5th.

It’s now Thursday. Thursday the 7th. One whole week since the order for inspection was submitted. One whole week and, still, waiting.

So we call. Two, three times a day from Monday on.

“The inspector is headed out there this afternoon.”

“We’re not sure why the inspector hasn’t called yet.”

“We should definitely be hearing from the inspector any second now.”

Given that this is the very same reputable inspector who helped bail us out of the sticky situation surrounding our first appraisal, the bank’s claims of her elusiveness are met with no small amount of skepticism from us.

So Thursday morning. And it’s looking like week 4 is a wash (doubly frustrating as it’s been a week of sunny days). In the meantime, Liane and I are having lunch with the guys at Jackson’s in Homewood today to look at design directions for the exterior cladding and the kitchen layout. Fingers crossed, we’ll also be delivering the unbelievably good news of a passed inspection and a forthcoming draw.

Chances are though, we’ll probably all just commiserate… and wait some more.


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