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Zee end…

Yep, they do houses too… and we’re thrilled to be the Top Tour on Apartment Therapy! Go on, take the tour. (Hopefully, the ample slideshow will more than compensate for our severe dereliction of blog duty.)

Many thanks to Will and Matthew at Green Bottle Workshop and Beth Lundell Garver at Apartment Therapy.

Also, be sure to check out Matthew & Mikel’s DIY Water+Works Remodel (aka. Green Bottle HQ) which was featured on Apartment Therapy in January… and the recently updated Green Bottle Workshop site.

[Update—March 22: Also in the spotlight, 1133’s colorful kitchen on Apartment Therapy sister site The Kitchn. Have a butchers after the jump.]


Extra! Extra!

Metropolis - Jul/Aug 09 | Thicket - Sept/Oct 09 | Dwell - Oct 09

Metropolis - Jul/Aug 09 | Thicket - Sept/Oct 09 | Dwell - Oct 09

Too quiet here… on the blog. In real life, not so much. It’s been insanely busy at 1133 since our move-in last May. Rest assured, more content to come.

In the meantime, some late summer reading…

Auburn’s Rural Studio graces the cover of the July/August issue of Metropolis (take that Tavern on the Green!) with a feature by Suzanne LaBarre on the program eight years post-Sambo (that is, after the death of co-founder Samuel Mockbee in 2001). Be sure to pick up a hard copy to learn more about this important program… and to marvel at 1133 design-builders Will Brothers and Matthew Finley’s magnificent thesis project—the Newbern Firehouse—which gets a full spread (with photos by Timothy Hursley). Kudos Green Bottle gang!

And our own 1133 gets some ink in the September/October issue of Thicket as part of the “Homes We Love” section in the Home Idea Guide (with photos by Jason Wallis). Read all about it (and watch a little video starring Liane, Will & Matthew) after the jump.

[Update—September 15: See also the latest issue of Dwell (October 2009) for a story on Rural Studio’s $20,000 House… thanks Messr. Lambert!]

A little Sol

“As architects, we have a responsibility to take a longer term view of development and conceptualize more holistic, sustainable models.” — Chris Krager, KRDB

I'm a Sol plan. ©KRDB

I'm a Sol plan. ©KRDB

Architect Chris Krager and his firm KRDB are one of the country’s leading Design/Build practices. We first learned of Chris and KRDB’s noble and ongoing mission to create “extraordinary buildings that are financially accessible” through an episode of Dwell on the Fine Living channel in July of last year. In fact, prior to our discovering Manhattan and Green Bottle Workshop, we’d even considered (and hotly pursued) purchasing the plans for one of their amazing Cedar Avenue homes to build right here in Birmingham (we soooooo owe Chris for his helpfulness and patience).

Recently, KRDB launched a site for its latest project—a green Austin, Texas neighborhood development called Sol.

An acronym for Solutions Oriented Living, Sol is “the first net-zero energy neighborhood of its kind… representing the intersection of affordability, quality design, and environmental responsibility.”

To learn more on this pioneering project, go here (there’s also a Sol blog). And for more of KRDB’s work, you can check out their site here.


“Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.” — Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It’s Tuesday, November 4.

Election Day 2008.

Whatever your affiliation (or non-affiliation), Liane and I encourage y’all to get out there and exercise your inalienable right as a citizen of the U.S. of A.

V O T E . V O T E . V O T E .

In observance of this history-making election, we’d like to take the opportunity to address the issue of change. Fundamental change that, we believe, is necessary for our country and its next leader to address as we head into the 21st century:

The redesign of the White House.

White House Redux.

White House Redux. ©2008 Wired Magazine

The current issue of WIRED features a story on White House Redux, “a competition to redesign the executive residence, organized by the Storefront for Art and Architecture and Control Group.”

It seems there’s a limited edition book (500) as well.

Enjoy… and V O T E (or vice versa).

And, on related sidenote, we’ve just learned from Will that painting on 1133 will begin early next week. The color?

W H I T E .

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