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Week 4 (part deux): the inspector arrives!

"I am here to fix ze problem with yer benk dreau."

"I am here to fix ze problem with yer benk dreau."

Finally! The inspector has inspected. We have the next bank draw!

And then some.

The bank has mistakenly (suprise!) issued us a substantial larger amount than they were supposed to at this point.

Of course we’re keeping it.

This unexpected extra bit of money will hopefully allow us to start reaping the benefits from our DirectBuy membership, which has, so far, left us feeling like cult members who haven’t yet been thoroughly brainwashed. Seems you can’t use credit or debit cards when placing orders, so we’ll need a substantial bit of cash in hand whenever we order anything. Tricky… and made even trickier by their lengthier (than average) lead times, and the fact that we’ll likely never have a substantial amount of dough in hand prior to a draw, and…

Well, we’ll figure it out.

At any rate, this is one instance where our bank’s incompetence has actually worked in our favor.

OK, so lunch yesterday at Jackson’s with the Green Bottle gang had us dining on Baltimore BLTs, Fish Sandwiches, Pizza and Crabcakes… and looking at options on the exterior Hardie Board cladding, our kitchen, and the middle volume.

For the kitchen, we’ve settled on white Akurum cabinets from Ikea, a glass backsplash, and the Euro-Style Stainless suite of appliances from Jenn-Air arranged thusly:

Kitchen layout with middle volume.

Kitchen layout with middle volume.

The middle volume extends from the kitchen area and wraps the overhanging room above in birch plywood with two glass handrails and a small window. One of the birch panels will be on a pivot or hinges allowing it to be opened and closed, like so:

Middle volume door opened.

Middle volume door opened.

Will and Matthew also presented us with an option that left the mezzanine open to the space below by employing glass panels at handrail height. Very nice as well. But Liane and I really liked the versatility offered by the birch panel option. The pivot panel will allow us to better manage the privacy of a space, which we foresee adapting to and accommodating our future needs (an office, a media area, an extension of the master bedroom, a nursery).

Also, we thought it looked really cool!

As for the Hardie Board cladding on the exterior, we went with this arrangement:

Cladding selection.

East Elevation: Cladding selection.

So, framing starts next Monday. Hurray!

In the meantime, we’re off to D.C. until next week on a much, much needed mini-vacation (visiting Bubba, Lisa, the girls, Uncle Billy and Aunt Debbie).


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